Thursday, October 21, 2010


I've been blogging hard about the pointed/square toe dress shoe look since 2007(Check my 07 archivez) and i've seen it all. I've seen the good, the bad and the mediocer. I replaced the world ugly becauze when your dealing with pointed toe shoez the ugly dezignz are the better the looking the shoe iz!!!! I KNOW LADIEZ AND GENTLEMEN, THIZ IZ A VERY HARD TO GRASP, BUT LET ME BREAK THIZ DOWN. When you look at theze shoez your looking at piecez of abstract art!!!!!! The dezignz were made to captivate the eye of the person next to you. They were crafted with the notion to raise eye browz and cause confusion!!!! God bless the dizignerz at Fiesso becauze they understand the concept, Thiz remarkable shoe brand goez beyond the limit to make powerful statementz with their shoez!!!! Shoez that are able to speak for themselvez when you out them on. I've seen some gentz wear nothing more than a shirt, tie and a pair of dress pantz, only to look down and be completly blown away by power of a pointed toe shoe. And right now Fiesso iz at the forefront of the pointed toe shoe market!!!!

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