Saturday, October 23, 2010


Recently I've been putting together a seriez off all out Planz on getting the Milt-Fresh Experience Brand more exposure. One of the planz waz creating business cardz to distribute in my local area. So far the response to the cardz haz been powerful!!!! I've hit corner storez, chicken spotz and community collegez pushing it to the limit!!!!! Itz crazy becauze on the local scene scene there are still people who have no clue what a blog iz. The first thing people think when they see the business cardz they think i'm trying to sell them clothing.In a way, yez. But not in the traditional sense!!!! I'm tryna sell theze people a lifestyle. At the Milt-Fresh Experience We're trying to sell you sartorial freedom!!!!! A new way of thinking, a new way of feeling. Which at timez goez befor finding a new way of dressing. Day by day i'm educating theze people out here!!!!

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