Thursday, October 28, 2010


I have to say former member of B2K Omarion dressez way better than the "You got served" dayz!!!! Def love the flair and flash that he bringz to the table with hiz style. You can tell how much LA haz influenced hiz style. Especially in the two bottom picz with the red dress shirt and bow tie. When you look at hiz accessoriez (the belt and briefcase) scream LA to the fullest!!! Directing attention to the belt and briefcase we see that they are MCM peicez. Doing our style history MCM waz the brand that rivaled Louis Vuitton in the 80'z az far az luxury goodz were concerned. However in the last few yearz MCM haz been revived with the help of LA tastemaker and producer Taz Arnold who collaborated with the brand to create signature piecez to put MCM back on the map. Amongst many of LA'z young
hip elite MCM iz now the brand of the moment. So Omarion Sporting the MCM belt Aand briefcase izn't shocking to me. I saved the top two last becauze thiz look haz a lot of intricate detail behind it. Omarion goez for a refined look with a young twist. He iz dressed in a diner jacket with a black satin shawl collar. He pulled out the red bow-tie and dress pantz. The denim shirt iz what givez it tthat young hip edge. The shadez give way to that young black hollywood scene. But emerging from the content of hiz outfit, iz the Japanese bread jewelry line Ambush all eyes on me finger ring. The Ambush ring made by japanese rapper Verbal haz been the huge item of the moment amongst many of today'z style icon'z( befor kanye suited up in the rosewood movement he waz Ambushed out). Whoever the stylist iz that'z dressing Omarion, doez a great job putting outfitz together. However, it'z apparent that the vibe that'z getting across iz stylish yet trendy. Brandz and itemz that are the rage for the moment. G-shock watchez, MCM accessoriez, and Ambush Jewelry!!! Not the mark of a true trendsetter, but the mark of a person who wantz to stay in competition with other scenesterz!!!!! Over all I respect the style that he bringz forth. I tiltz my hat to him.

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