Saturday, October 9, 2010


After the Success of there first vintage shoe (the Kingsmans) Stacy Adams iz back with another model that payz homage to classic style. Meet the Stacy Adams Rydells which are sort of a fusion betweem a regular dress shoe and the saddle shoe which haz been makinga researgence in the culture. With thiz you can tell the intent waz to go for real throwback to the 1950'z nastalgia. Even the name itself carriez a sort of signifigence when broken down. The Name Rydell comez from the the high school in the movie grease, in which many of females in the movie wore saddle shoez and long skirtz. Get it, Rydell high? T-birdz, pink Lady'z, john travulta!!! I know i'm buggin!! Grease iz one of my favorite flickz, thatz why I know thiz. Outside of the classic trivia, itz a great shoe. I woul def wear them. Specially the congac pair.Like i've said befor classic shoez are Stacy Adams specialty!!! The New stuff iz cool but the classicz keep them alive. The Dayton Wingtipz, the madison cap toez. The concords. All classic shoez that have been around and stood the test of time. The onez that sayin Gold print Men'z shoez of distinction on the inside!!! Their contemporary line of shoez wellllllll!!!!!I won't go there today!!!!! LOL! But there eye for their new found vintage classicz I must say iz remarkable. All in all a great shoe. Stick to the classicz!!!

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