Saturday, October 9, 2010


I 2004 former Rocafella Rapper Beani Sigal waz charged with weapon possesion and waz facing huge jail time. It waz apparent the oddz were stacked against Beanie especially becauze of the type of Rapper he waz. If you've actually listened to Bean'z lyricz, they paint a dark dank grim vivid picture about violence and gun play. But what I really remember most about the situation waz how Fresh and FuZz Beanz and hiz former Rocafella boss Damon Dash were when they stepped out everyday of the trial. Classic well tailored pinstriped suitz with wide brimed hatz. They walked in the court room J pressed like Mob bossez!!!! A sort of Al capone/Little ceaser style. It waz wild because the media became more fascinated with how they were dressed than Beanie facing a sentence. Peoplw talk about how your supposed to dress when your going to court. No flashy bold jewelry. Now T-shirtz or jeanz. Well beans came absolutly crisp, but it still sent a negative message to the jury. I mean do you actually think a man in a three peice suit, shoez, and a stetson brim hat smoking on a cigar iz remorceful for the actz he'z commited??? It doez present a cocky attitude to the people who have your fate in their handz. Either way I do respect Beanz and dame for steppin out sharpand killin it during the trial. It gave newspapers something to talk about!!!!!

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