Sunday, October 3, 2010


Love and Respect to you all. I know itz beena while since i've spoken to you. Been on the move recently. So many upz and downz highz and lowz, but no matter what i'm still here standing.
Man the country haz been in a frenzy over thiz scandle with Bishop Eddie Long. I wonder if people are more into dealing with the hype of scandle or actually dealing with what your actually acusing the man of. Theze people are saying Bishop Long haz made sexual advancez to young boyz who were apart of hiz youth ministry. If so the underlined acusation iz we're saying underneath hiz holy robe and lavish clothing lurkz asexual preditor. Gosh what an acusation to make without real, pure, hard hitting, evidence. God bless him through that situation... Been noticing many men'z shoe companiez going for more a retro vibe with wingtipz and spectator shoez. Brandz such Calvin Klien, Bacco Bucci, Stacy Adamz, Florshiem(by duckie brown) and ect are all making there versionz of wingtip shoez and spectatorz . I can tell thiz iz going to be the huge trend thiz year in men'z dress shoez. You know itz something when The brand that haz stood at the forefront of the pointed toe/square toe movement ZOTA iz trying to capitalize off thiz throwback to nistalgia...Been killin suckaz left and right with my sweater over the shoulderz joint!!! People act like itz soomething new. Prepz been doin thiz junk for yearz. Carlton Banks anyone???? But I will say thiz, if I see suckaz walking around with sweaterz over their shoulderz in the New Haven area you know where they got it from. I'm surving notice now!!!!!! 23 and going through a mid life crisis. That Drake line haz to be one of the realest jointz ever spat. It sayz a lot about young people who are way beyond their yearz. I can't front when I first turned 20 I went through a big midlife crisis. Itz wild becauze my life iz really just starting. But i've lived and experienced so much until I asked myself, DANG WHATZ LEFT!!!! Looking at how life turned out. Looking atthiz new generation coming up like, dang theze kidz look crazy but still remembering the glory dayz when I waz a rebelious youth. And that waz only five or six yearz ago... A lot of trickz upmy sleeve when dealing with the Milt-Fresh Experience. I'm taking it all in baby stepz!!! Starting with the Small taskz then taking on the Big portionz. The bible sayz you've faithful over few thingz, come on up and i'll make you ruler over many.
God haz blessed hiz people with giftz and itz timeto use them. The hardest thing to do iz wait in line for your turn at bat. But when my time comez i'm going to swing my hardest and give it all I got!!!! Keep ya headz up Ladiez and gentlemen. God Bless.

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