Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yez ladiez and gentz it'z the return of the for the Love of The FuZz section of thiz blog. For my new readerz, thiz iz where I highlight an individual, be it an entertainment artist or an average joe who representz what being FuZz or having true style iz all about!!! The reazon i've slowed up on section iz becauze to be honest I haven't really come across an individual who truely representz the cauze of the FuZz well. Don't get me wrong, i've seen great outfitz and great piecez. But, non that really have wowed me until I came across thiz gentleman. Meet gospel singer and Doctor of Gospel Ministry James Hall. When looking at Mr. Hall itz hard to beleave from first glance that he'z a gospel singer becauze he carriez an aura about him that trandsendz into of a more rockstar feel. Many of the black male gospel singerz of thiz generation present themselvez with a sound, look, and stage presence that mirrorz whatz on the pop chartz. If I were to judge thiz brotha'z appearance I would say he could go style for style with usher(back in usher'z confession'z of fire dayz when he really dressed). And handz down would beat usher style for style. But when you see thiz gent doing worship and praise you see the Jesus all over him. Nothing tainted but pure down home soul saving songz that were created to raize the headz of beleaverz. Outside of Ministry of song, thiz gent iz handz down the Best Dressed male in Gospel Music right now!!!!! Thiz young man pushez the limit of style each and every time. He pushez the boundriez of color and patternz. Wearing well tailored suitz with bold bright dezignz proving he'z not afraid step outside of the box. AND YEZ HE'Z NOT AFRAID TO WEAR HIZ SUNGLASSEZ IN SIDE!!!!!!Which in the church world iz kind of a tabu becauze everybody iz on that whole wanting to see your eyez kick!!!! But itz ill when you see gentz that are not afraid to be themselvez. I mean he'z made me actually love whole shortened tie thing that a lot of dudez where in theze church'z. Personally thatz one look I can not stand!!!!! But onhim it lookz great!!!! TRUST AZ A STYLE KING I HAVE TO TAKE MY HAT OFF TO THIZ DUDE. I usually tilt it, but on thiz round I have to take my hat off to James Hall. Keep doin it for the lord.

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