Sunday, October 17, 2010


God Bless you world, Milt-Fresh iz back just to expound a few random thoughtz that comez through my craniumfrom time to time. Man i'm feelin drake'z verse on Aston Martin Music with Rick Ross. Very smooth and introspective. I'm slowly becoming a fan of drizzy!!!! I still feel somebody needz to dress him. But he getz an A- for hiz barz... Dang I need to go shoppin!!!! And i'm not talkin a piece here and a piece there shopping i'm talkin hard shopping!!!! Dang should I cop some sick dress shoez or Impulse kickz!!!!Got my eye on theze Black and Purple croc Impulse Sky topz!!!!! Jointz will def hurt em!!!! Man Faith Evan'z new album izn't too bad!!! Man towardz the Middle her song selection got better and better. The joint she did with Raekwon iz massive. But the kelly Price joint iz for the soul... Note to self, itz time to put my plan into action!!!! My version of operation push haz just began... The BET AWARDZ WERE SO SO!!! The Cypherz were good but my dude big sean and diggy stole the show. Man I still got the line Big Sean Spat on my mind. "i'm 22 and i'm moon walking on the sun"!!!!! A lot of Micheal Jackson referencez in the different cypher'z. Got kinda annoying!!!! I MISS MY POOKIE GIRL!!!! HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER!!
I hate to talk politicz but whatz with the media trying to create thiz division between president obama and hiz wife???? Theze people are worried about how high her rating in the countryiz VS hiz!!! What type of mess iz thiz!!!!??? Thiz iz the type of stuff that destroyz familiez Then once the amily iz seperated the media wantz toknow what happened???? I thought they had it together!!! But with your ratingz and reportz you tried to drive a wedge in between!!!! MAN WHAT A MIXED UP WORLD WE LIVE IN!!!!! Anyway take care world, keep ya headz up and God bless.

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