Monday, October 18, 2010

Bailey Vintage Collection Fur Felt Bonanza

For thoze who don't know I hate cowboy hatz with a passion!!!!!! When I went to Ohio a few yearz back all I saw waz sharp dressed men wearing cow boy bootz with the wild 10 gallon hat!!!! I could live with the cowboy bootz!!! But that cowboy hatz weren't my cup of tea. But thiz fur felt hat from bailey makez me change my mind on how I feel about them. In my opinion thiz hat iz more 70'z player than a cowboy joint!!!!I love the turquiose accentz that really set thiz particular hay off. The name of the hat iz a salute to Eric "hoss" cartwright who waz appart of the hit gun slingin show Bonanza.From my opinion thiz iz one of the best hatz i've seen in agez. But I must warn you, only true styklekingz can handle a hat such az thiz. Joint wazn't madefor everyone!!!

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