Friday, October 8, 2010


The greatest Joy in every young person'z life iz to reach the age of 18 or 21. Your finally out on your own, free to make your own descisionz and ect. For me the greatest Joy waz turning 18 so I could finally hit the party scene of New Haven legally. No getting thrown out of the club becauze I waz under aged nope not over here!!!! The bright lightz of New Haven'z Club district haz been known to turn into a madhouse at night!!!! Besidez Crown Street turning into target practice between club/bar go-erz and police at the 2-3 am, the clubz themselez become more volitile on the inside as it iz on the outside. What I hate about the party scene in New Haven iz you pay $15-$20 to be harrased and frisked by rude bouncerz, then fight through mobz angry drunk men, walk past stuck up ghetto broadz in one night only party dressez and shoez they can't walk in and just to say that you went out to the club that night. When I waz out the club scene New Haven four yearz ago I had my heart inmy handz many of nightz befor leaving the house, wondering waz I going to come back in one peace from what should be a fun night out. It getz to the point where guyz have to travel in packz when on Crown Street becauze of how volitile it getz. You find yourself watching your back in theze clubz becauze people bring there frustrationz with them. In an attempt to try to put a stop the on going violence downtown Mayor John Destefano haz decided to fine club ownerz for the violence that occurz in their establishmentz. Plus raising the rent on the clubz with the hopez of closing down the street. Usually I don't agree with the mayor but thiz iz a smart move becauze crown street haz turned into the old west. Clubz that were dezigned with a grown and sexy appeal with New York style taste turn into ghetto watering holez with in weekz. Club ownerz love it becauze that meanz more money, but the class of individual determinez the atmsphere of your club. Livez are being lost, the city streetz are being over taken, the party atmosphere haz been replaced with warfare tacticz. Itz time for thiz to end. When people can come out to New Haven eventz with the intent of having a genuine good time, you'll see a change on not just crown street any city across America. I speak of New Haven/crown street becauze thiz iz my city!!!! treat it with respect!!!!

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