Saturday, October 23, 2010


You may be looking at the photoz of thiz gorgouz lady and you may be wondering who the heck iz she???? You may not know her face but may know the publicationz she'z helped produced. Meet Desiree Rogers the current CEO of Johnson Publishing. The company which iz responsible for creating African American Magazine'z Ebony and Jet. Befor elected to the CEO position her life would take a roller coaster turn through triumph and failure. In 2008, she waz elected to be the White House Social Secretary for the Obama administration. However, she waz forced to step down during the Gate Crasher incident at a white house state dinner. I admire her for not hiding her face in shame. She waz able to walk with her head up and oppurtinity came her way with her position az CEO of Johnson. But what I like iz her sense of style. When gazing at thiz woman, she haz poise and grace. She ooze'z a feel that iz elegant yet modern!!!! Def love her outfit in the first photo. You know itz something when you have Vouge editor Anna Wintour (the original Dragon Lady) eyeing you from head to toe!!!!! LOL!

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