Sunday, February 6, 2011


So I just got finished watching Cortney and Kim take new york(or iz it do New York??? WHO CAREZ??). Making a guest appearance on the show iz Mr. Kanye to the!!! Now it'z funny how ye waz trying to play it cool while being around Kim and Courtney!!! And what happenz??? In walkz Mr. Pinstripe himself Courtney'z Fiance Mr. Scott Disick!!!!!!It'z wild two of my favorite style mavenz converge in the same room!!!! And out of Ye'z mouth he blurtz "wow he dressez amazing"!!! however, it never seemed clear in what context ye waz saying it in!!! Kanye'z voice kinda came off like a little "yeah rightish"!!!! However, they're both gentz that have tremendous ego issuez and the dialoug between the two seemed like a stand off between whoze was bigger!!!! For me now a dayz I find myself a bigger fan of scott'z dress code than kanye'z. Kanye came strong with the whole Rosewood style, but soon after he sellz idk how many Million unitz for dark twisted fantasy he goez back to just regular kanye. Wearing great piecez and great fitz here and there. But scott when he stepz out iz alwayz well put together with a well tailored suit!!!! What I love about hiz suitz iz he doezn't go over board with the tailoring. The other part that makez scott'z style great iz that he really embrassez the use of color. When in Miami last seazon he wore a lot of lime green and bright orange blazerz with contrasting dress shirtz and matching tie. In kanye'z case I feel he'z kinda beyond that look. He did a lot of that back in the college dropout dayz. So for him it'z alwayz a constant struggle to alwayz be a trendsetter on the scene. You could tell that waz a huge struggle for him when he laid verse "how do I stand out when everybody gets dressed up". Kane came around during a time when rapper'z and urban artistz trying to dress down for every occassion. But soon he stepz on the scene with suitz, blazerz, and all preppy everything. He helped change the way EVERYBODY DRESSEZ NOW!!!! Which bringz on the clone affect!!! Everybody started trying to go for the kanye look. Which forcez you to switch up every time. However, what makez scott successfull az a dresser iz that he doesn't change his look!!! He stickz to what lookz great on him.

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