Friday, February 25, 2011

dyed denim zipper trim platform

For thiz to be a female shoe, I have to say i've really grown fond of thiz particular shoe model. My girl friend pookie haz thiz joint in red and my mom haz it in white!!!!! No matter what color of shoe it will def be the freshest!!! The Zipper effect on the outline edgez of the shoe bringz out a modern feel. And out of all of the modelz the zipper effect really workz well with the denim material. Even though that thiz particular shoe would be hard to work with if you were one of thoze seriouz matchy matchy typez (like myself) that feelz they need to match denim for denim. It would look nice, however it'z not needed!!!! Thiz shoe waz made to be a show peice. And haz the power to be recognized if paired with the exact denim or allowed to stand out on their own. Found on

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