Tuesday, February 22, 2011


IDK what it iz about theze dress casual cool outfitz that I like!!! I guess it'z the mixing of the sporty aspect of wear dressy and casual meetz. I myself do it a few timez a month where i'll put on a dashiki suit and snneakerz for a pinch of a dress down effect. When people look at you head to toe they're usually expecting one thing or the other with the signal of certain itemz. On cedric the entertainer thiz who shock value aspect comez into play. First we ced In Newsboy cap, bow-tie and a dress shirt. O.k. to the on looker they might be thinking he'z about to pull out the dress shoez!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! SO WRONG!!!!!! From there he pullz out the latest trendy item of the moment, a Puffer vest with dress pantz and some mean kickz!!!!!! Straight screwed and chopped everybodiez perception!!!! Even though Cedric iz an older gent, he allowz the youthful vibe to shine through in hiz outfit. I will say on a person whoze younger thiz outfit would really be 10 timez meaner!!!! but becauze Ced iz defiying the lawz of gravity and physicz at the same time, he def getz an A in my book. For one he'z one of the flyest full figured men on the planet!!!! 2 becauze I said so!!!!!!

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