Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fiesso Black / Gold Laser Design Pleated Genuine Leather

Just when you thought pointed toe shoez were gonna go out of style thiz year, Fiesso findz a way to bring the pain with theze black and gold lazer print genuine leather jointz!!!! My mouth dropped when my eyez feasted upon thiz image!!!! Crafted to turn headz soon az you walk in the room!!!!! I swear it'z a war thiz year between the classicz and the futuristic flashy shoez!!!! I swear i'm split down the middle becauze every man should have a pair of sleek wingtipz however nothing cauzez controversy like a pair of pointed toez with a flashy design!!!!! I'm not even gonna lie, if I walked in a men'z shoe store theze lazer design jointz would be the shoe i'd walk out with!!!!! WHAT CAN I SAY???? I'M A FLASHY BROTHA!!! LOL!!!!

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