Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fiesso Red Wine Patent Leather Shoes With Embroidered Flower print

COLD!!!! COLD!!!! COLD!!!!! HANDZ DOWN THE MOST NASTIEST SHOEZ I'VE SEEN AT THIZ POINT!!! I know I alwayz say that when I see some of the most dangerouz shoez out!! However, theze are worthy of the crown at thiz point!!! The paten leather mixed with that wine colored red floral print design iz so nasty!!!!! And you know I have a soft spot for pointed toe shoez!!!! def a show that can only be worn if you have ya man hood in tact!!!! A lot of timez I have men old and young come up and comment on my shoez!!! Specially the jointz with the floral print that I own. They alwayz say they love them, but they can't see themselvez wearin floral print shoez!!! I preach thiz over and over, a real man should be secure with themselvez!!! Sad part iz not only men but people of all genderz are not secure. So when it comez to clothing their scared of how them come off to the public!!!BUT UNDERSTAND IT'Z ALL COLOR EVERYTHING, ALL PAISLEY EVERYTHING, ALL FLORAL PRINT EVERYTHING CAUZE MILT-FRESH CAN ROCK ANYTHING!!!!!

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