Monday, February 28, 2011


You have to love my dude Walt Frazier and take no prisonerz approach to style!!!!! Plaid suitz, leather and color blazerz ect. Def one of the best dressed sportz personalitiez next to craig Sager and Don Cherry. But when he ever strolled on the court with thiz cheetah print suit, he sentt shock wavez through the Lakers/Knicks game!!!!! Straight up I have to say thiz fit iz a 10!!!!! You have to give it to Clyde becauze with him being a TV personality he could have become a Tiki Barber Brooks Brother!!!! But he stayed true to the Era that raised him, The 70'z. Now he may not be wearing lesuire suits with the bell bottom flair, elephant ear collars, and applejack hats, however thiz dude still embodiez soul!!!!! And while i'm at screw Sir charles barkley for refering to my dude clyde az a pimp!!!!! He wouldn't dare say that mess to Jordan cauze last time I checked hiz real great friend Micheal Jordan Sportz silver suitz with long jacketz to the knee!!!!! Pleaze!!!! Sir charlez makez a mochery of a fine Men's Wearhouse suit!!!!! RESPECT TRUE STYLE BEASTZ AND FASHION GENERALZ!!!!!!!! keep doin ya think mr. frazier!!!

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