Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Last Sunday waz the 2011 Grammys and az far az Fashion/style az a whole I wazn't blown away!!!! For the life of me I couldn't understand why there waz thiz cookie cutter mold for malez and femalez on the red carpet. The Women came through in scandlous dressez and the men thought they were dressed az the uber hip cat with black suitz or tux'z!!!! I mean outside of Nicki Minaj oe Lady Gaga where'z the drama?????!!!!! To me it waz like everybody waz trying to be so hip and cool in an attempt to not be called out by the fashion police!!!! IT'Z THE GRAMMY'Z FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!!!! GO OVER THE EDGE!!!! Even though in my eyez the style'z weren't that shocking, there were a few people who stood out amongst the drab mess!!! For thiz I break out my official Best Dressed list for the Grammyz!!!!! Starting with my favorite R&B soul star Musiq Soul Child!!!! Thiz fit iz a lil bit more tamed than hiz purple and gold outfit from the 2009 grammyz however he'z still able to convey a laid back cool edge!!!! What I love about Musiq iz he'z really masterd the art of suitz and sneakerz!!!! And he doez it without having to go the trendy hipster rout and throwing on a pair of Coverse Chuck Taylors!!!! I love the black pipping on the vest and blazer!!!! Next iz the hardest working woman in Show biz, Janell Monae who showed femalez that you can still be sexy and classy without going in trashy slutty gownz!!!! I love her shimmering Sequence dinner jacket with tuxedo shirt, with fitted pantx and heelz!!!! what really turnz headz iz her in heelz becauze the majority of timez she'z gettin it on the Good foot with men'z dress shoez!!! However, for major awardz showz she pullz out the Stelleto he'z which she'z still able to convey a sexy edge!!!!!! Next on my best dressed list would have to be usher!!!!! Hiz entire outfit waz not really that appealing to me!!!! However, hiz Viv Westwood bootz were soooooooooooooo dangerouz on the red carpet until I had no chioce but to give him a spot on my list. Last year Usher hit the scene dapper with a grayish silver three piece suit and plaid shirt. However I guess he decided to go casual cool. Which hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm not really a fan of!!!!!!! However, thoze bootz def make a statement and the def destroy the scene!!!!! Last on my list, who in my opinion topped the list az number one had to be Young Money'z Tyga strutted hiz stuff with a cream shawl collar tuxedo jacket, black pantz, black paten leather dress shoez, white shirt and black bow-tie!!!!! Over the past year Tyga haz been going hard az a force to be reconed with on the LA Style scene. Which iz working in hiz favor. Haz thiz look been done befor on different men, Yez!!!! However, not every man lookz dapper thiz way. Yez he haz tattooz on hiz kneck, however he still haz an air of class the iz able to look past all of that!!!!!

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DarkShadow said...

usher looks pigeon-toed lmbooo