Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Now I know this look from Bobby V is kinda of different from what I'm used to displaying on the Milt-Fresh Experience but I must say I actually like thiz outfit!!!! It'z def geared towarz thoze momentz when you don't want to get fully dressed up!!!! The blazer, dress shirt, tie, baggy khakiz and kickz move iz def screamz prep school meetz the hood!!!! A look that I would say iz like the mullet!!! Business on top, party at the bottom. But I will say thiz much, thiz iz one of thoze lookz that many of the hood catz uze in the club when they want to try to besufisticated!!!! Every friday, saturday, and sunday night in any urban city across America you can bank on Blazer and jeanz man showing up to the club Doing the Damon Dash in the middle of the floor!!!! The Yankees Fitted or Ed Hardy Trucker hat iz optional!!!!! Bottle of moet iz not included!!!! What kinda soured me on the look haz to be when I see 10 to 15 catz looking the same!!!! All thinking they own the same look!!!! When really it waz so College Dropout!!! Any way it lookz great on Bobby v. When I want to find a dress casual look, I just do a full suit and a pair of kickz!!! But I give it a 9.

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