Monday, February 21, 2011

Mens Polo Vaughn Casual Shoe

Thiz haz to be the first sneaker outside of Impulse that i'm showcasing on The Milt-Fresh Experience. When it comez to canvas kickz i've only been diggin Impulse jointz, up until I saw a pair of theze Ralph Lauren Polo men's Pink Vaughn Casual Sneakerz!!! I mean letz be real Men'z pink Canvis sneaker????!!!! Thoze jointz are freakin dangerouz!!!! I could see myself struting with theze and a navy blue suit and pink polo sweater vest. You have to excuse my heavy usage of color schemez!!!! lOl! But pink iz def the odd color and seeing it on a men'z sneaker iz phenominal. Might have to be on my must have footwear list

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