Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mens Clarks Padmore Casual wallabee Shoe

Went shopping today and rolled up in my favorite spot in the milford post mall, the Underground Station. While there one of my boys who workz there came over and told me they're expecting a crazy boat load of new junk coming in and handed me their junp off catalog. When I got it home and flipped through it, I thought I waz gonna go nutz when I saw theze Red and baby blue pair of Wallabee clarks jointz!!!!! For a couple yearz I kinda swore of Wally'z for the simple fact that a lot of catz were killing them every where i went. From a funeral to a Easter Sunday they kind a killed it for me. Then on top of that clars started coming out with some jacked up hybrid mess that crossed a wallabee with a Sneaker!!!! SMH straight fail!! But theze jointz Def restore the name back to clarks shoez. The red would have to be my number one choice becauze Red Wallabees are un heard of!!!! Of course sooner or later I do plan on purchasing the baby blue. I already have a pair of Baby blue clarks from 05 however, I do plan on replacing them. The number one The thing about clarks do bright colored Wally'z iz that they've never ventured outside of making them in bright colorz. You either had to dye them or just by a pair of GBX'z or lugz jointz. But clarks iz capitalizing off the culture by offering them in different flavorz. You will def see theze on my feet soon.

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