Friday, February 25, 2011



G.O.O.D music break out artist Big Sean recently showed off some real sick heavy artiliery az far az footwear iz concerned. On he sat down for an interview where he discused hiz favorite jordans and hiz favorite sneaker spotz, plus kanye'z plan for the Air Yeezy 2 sneaker. BUT MAN FORGET ALL THAT!!! Thiz dude pulled out the meanest pair of black suede monogram dress shoez!!!!!! NOT SNEAKERZ!!!!!!!! DRESS SHOEZ!!!!! Which in my opinion iz so far left field for Big Sean knowing that he'z a huge street wear/luxury brand enthusiest it felt so far out of left field! Then it'z like the only timez he really dressez up iz for magazine shootz.or huge eventz. He pulled out the same pair for a XXL photo shoot. But for a rapper I waz proud to see hiz actually pull out the Loui suede hard bottomz becauze it showed that yez "yez i'm hood but trust me I do have some type of class" It waz more ironic that he did thiz on a sneaker interview!!!! And he showed them off even more with a red pair of sockz!!!!!! Some may look at big sean az a trend humper, however he'z one of thoze trendsetterz you need. he remindz me of the fly dude in high school whoze uber obsessed with wearing the latest name brandz and only bragz about how much junk costz instead of the style aspect of actually piecing itemz together and the history behind what he haz on. Which iz needed in the style game. Everybody'z not going to be style over fashion!!!! there are a lot of people that are fashion over style. Even though a lot of timez you have to shake your head becuaze they're the type that will blurt out my favorite designer iz Gucci when Gucci iz the brand not the designer!!! They don't know to say Tom Ford waz the best designer Gucci ever had, becauze they're more brand consious than style consious!!!!!! And that'z big sean!!!!! He'z just a fresh dude from detroit!!!!! ANYWAY, I DEF DIG THE LOUI'Z, HE GETZ AN A+_ FOR THAT MOVE HE MADE!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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