Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The statement i'm about to use shouldn't be said anymore in the year 2011. Kanye'z outfit iz a clear representation of a Rockstar!!! O.k. now that I got that out of me, Kanye straight killed the scene with thiz fur coat, leather pantz, balmain t-shirt, and Jordan 3 kickz!!!!! Every element of thiz outfit screamz i'm better than you!!!!! number one I don't care what PETA iz talking about, fur everything iz in!!!!!! how can you shun a fur coat??? It'z the most classic form of expressing high class living and expensive taste!!!!! The leather pantz are what bringz out the straight cool edge. I remeber back in 2001 leather pantz were all the rage back in high schhol. hood dudez uzed to stroll the strip with leather pantz and coogi sweaterz. 9 yearz later leave it to kanye to revive the art of calf skin cool. Personally not a fan of the plain shirt but it doez balance out the fit. The shirt iz supposed to be by Balmain which iz the luxury brand of the moment.which sellz $1000 t-shirtz jeanz and ect. Last element iz hiz Air Jordan 3 sneakerz that def keep the fit very chicago. Now besidez or the bellz and whistlez that ye'z regular outfit set off, people have been up in armz over hiz snakeskin bag. people have been wanting to know what brand it iz!!! Kanye haz been known for hiz collection of expensivebagz from louis vuitton and goyard. Whatever brand it iz snakeskin iz def destroyin everything walking. Def the fit a 10. I love it becauze he made hiz statement without having to get fully dressed up. When exicuted right can hold the same weight against a gent in a full suit.

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