Saturday, January 1, 2011


HANDZ DOWN THE BEST 50 CENT HAZ EVER LOOKED IN A SUIT!!!!!! And i'll tell you why!!! 50 iz one of thoze rapperz who I hate to see get dressed up in a suit!!!! When he started to attain more and more money he did what numerous young black ball playerz and actorz do. Started shopping for that Italian/savile row fit for a suit!!!! Which iz another way for a man to show off!!! However given the nature of Mr. Curtis Jackson'z muscular build the suitz don't alwayz fit exactly right on him. Now letz go back to 2002!!!! at the time 50'z celebrety waz rising. He had a new party anthem, dubbed in the club that swept the nation. So 50 hit the red carpet dressed like a true mobster. Chicago, Al Capone Statis!!!!! Hiz gray pinstripe suit oozed player statis!!!!! The silver tie coordinated with silverish gray wide brim zoot hat!!!! And the way you could tell it waz 2002, the du rag underneath to let the world know!!!! "yeah I got the suit on but don't get it twisted!!!!" On top of all that he'z walking the carpet with the baddest black actress in the Hollywood!! AND THAT DRESS! DANG!!!!!!! !! To be honest the night def belonged to 50 at the VMA'z!!!! Handz down he waz the best dressed that night!!!! Otherz may argue becauze of the whole zoot suit look!!! But letz be real, one thing I preach on thiz blog iz everybody doezn't look right with an italian cut suit!!!! Men have hip thighz and curvez that (at timez depending on the man) don't need to be accentuated!!!!! Pantz need to be fuller to give a man a more lean look. Jacketz may need to be longer to hid hipz!!!! Trust me, men have flawz too!!!! Any way, 50 def needz to rethink hiz style rootz cauze savile row, armani and ect don't have hiz build in mind!!!!!

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