Saturday, January 1, 2011

MY GIFTZ!!!!!!

Whatz FuZzN world!!!!! I know i'm late with my post on my christmas gift postz but I def had to show the world what i'm workin with!!!!!! Man where should I begin??? Letz start with the red applejack hat!!!! If you've been following my blog then you would know I have a new found love for applejack hatz!!!!! When that deep red joint came in the mail I said itz gonna hurt some feelingz!!!! I'm a be on my 1970'z Stevie wonder!!!! From there I'm going into thiz plaid yelloish orange Kangol Trilby hat!!!! That waz one of thoze giftz that waz a Christmas gift to myself!!!! I saw it and said I couldn't live life without it!!!!! It waz wild because I have a red, green, and yellow plaid joint just like it!!!! So I knew it waz only fate that brought me to that hat!!! I also came up on thiz mean gray calvin klein waste coat vest that I had been eyeing for a while!! Next iz my Invicta Watch!!!!! Now for monthz i've been ranting and raving on twitter and my blog about how ill Invicta Watchez are. Well I must say I have finally joined the Invicta Watch Gang!!!!!! Last but not least, YOU KNOW I CAN'T CONTROL MY IMPULSEZ!!!!11 WHAT UP BARRY!!!!! Finally got my gray and red tropper'z in the mail!!!!! I couldn't help but take my red appljack, my impulsez,my vest and my watch for a spin on christmas day!!!!! I couldn't help it!!!!! lol!!!!!!!

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