Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It'z crazy to me how in the human make up people are attention seekerz. Starting at birth we come out of the womb begging for society to pay attention to our every movementz. screaming criez roar from the top of our lungz for people to feed us, cloth us, bathe us!!!! The evolution of growth upon the yearz is supposed to ensure maturity upon the massez. However, maturity doezn't govern the longing of wanting to be the center of attention. Soon az children hit the school yardz and class roomz they're in heavy competition for attention. Which from that goez into the teens and adult hood. What scarez me the most about people who are attention seekerz, iz that they'll go the furthest extent to make otherz look bad to build up their image. Even on an even deeper level, when you look at Reality television it'z based on people who are bent on having the eyez of the world on them. It showz how uncontent people in the world have become. Insecure creaturez seeking the approval of the onez who dwell amongst uz!!!!

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