Wednesday, January 19, 2011


In my eyez when it comez to getting dressed up, snoop iz one of thoze individualz whoze stayed true to hiz rootz!!!! Even though snoop haz heavy tiez to the LA street gang culture, he'z alwayz presented himself az a true player or a Mack in the game. And in hiz career he not only walked the walk, but he dressed the talk. Stepping out in wide brim hatz, three peice suitz, gator skin shoez. He'z even gone az far az to bring back the original long black leather trench coat in some of hiz videoz. In theze two photoz snoop iz oozing with player style!!!!! First off, color wize he'z making a bold statement wearing the color red when he'z a crip. However, you have to say to yourself Snoop iz an O.G. and a vet in the game. He can maske any type of move he wantz becauze he'z connected and well respected. On to the outfit az a whole, I love the Candy cane effect. The Red hat, jacket, vest and tie iz fitting with the white pantz and white dress shirt with the red pipping on the collar. Many would feel the shoez are iffy becauze of them being tanish. But, they help add a twist to thingz. To add insult to injury the last element of thiz outfit iz def meant to drive PETA up a wall. AWWWW YEAH THE WHITE MINK!!!11 The mark of a true player in hiz own right!!!!!!!! Iz it too flashy???? Yez it iz!11 Iz it too over the top???? You bet ya Fanny!!!!!! But trust me thoze who feel that way secretly want to dress like thiz. They just don't have the ballz or the bank account to step out thiz sharp!!!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe I Love Snoop, He is such a smooth brotha. I like this post babe and the pics snoop is sharp