Saturday, January 8, 2011


The thing i've alwayz liked about johnny depp iz he'z alwayz been a gent who haz alwayz marched to the beat on drum. Which iz uncommon amongst most male hollywood starz. When it comez to hiz look he haz thiz wild hipster vibe mixed with a tab bit of rugged piss poor elegance with a taste of the pimp culture. I mean who do u know that could stroll a red carpet with zoot suit, stacy adams wingtip daytons, a wide brim hat and warfarer shadez. Outside of steve harvey... Johnny Depp!!!!! And with thiz particular fit johnny bringz a free spirit approach to even doing denim. Who do u know that can mix a Plaid suit jacket blazer, denim shirt, a waist coat vest, denim jeans, a scarf, bootz and a gray wide wide brim hat and make it work??? Not too many people. Too pull thiz off you def have to have an idk vibe going on!!!!! Which iz what most people in hollywood are afraid to do. Everybody iz so afraid of what it could do to their image. But Johnny Depp iz one of the starz who doezn't care becauze he'z in control!!!!

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