Thursday, January 6, 2011


Handz down I have to go on record by saying Omarion haz really stepped hiz style of dress with in the last four monthz of 2010. I remember blogging about him back in November and he'z capitalized on the sartorial momentum eversince. Some may say hiz look iz just to attract attention, however he'z doing a freaking great job at doing so. What I love iz he'z finding wayz to mix the hip/trendy vibe with the classic/vintage. Take for example the dress shirt,black bow-tie and pantz number for hiz b-day celebration. Chic classic, but he bringz the noize with the huge, bold and gold neckwear accomanied by shadez. Then therez the white bow tie, whitedress shirt with black pantz and a white gucci belt. The gucci belt iz that added layer that keepz it young and hip. From there we go into a look that'z more high fashion prep/dandy meetz high fashion lA streetwear. Omarion dawnz a black over coat, gray button down, chain, with bold shocking goldish yellow pantz, a white Fendi logo belt, and brown mocz!!!!! STRAIGHT UP WOW FACTOR!!!!! The miss match of colorz really allowed for the whole high fashion vibe to take full control. Love the yellow pantz becauze they're the big conversation piece to the puzzle. Topped off with the Fendi belt for the luxury brand trend!!!! last haz to be my favorite look of all. For GQ event, Mr. Icebox comez dressed in a mean gray blazer, white dress shirt, black pantz and black dress shoez, with a black bow-tie. you would think that would be enough!!!! Sharp looking by itself right??? WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!! DEAD WRONG!!!! HE FLIPZ THE STYLE SCENE ON ITZ HEAD BY UZING A MEN'Z LOUIS VUITTON FUR MINK STOLE AZ A SASH!!!!!! OH MY LORD!!!!! I couldn't beleave when I saw that. Ever rapper haz worn the Louis Vuitton Stole Birdman from cashmoney, Kanye west, Pharrell williams. Big name hip-hop trendsetterz. Be it az it may I never saw any of them rock it like that!!!! Thiz iz what i'm talking about az a whole. Going above and beyond the call of dutty to show the world what true style iz about!!!! SO WHAT IF HE GOEZ OVERBOARD!!!!! To be honest thiz iz the best i've seen in recent monthz!!!! i'm going on a limb my saying thiz but Omarion iz one of my pickz for best dressed(along side Neyo and Nick Cannon) thiz year!!!! I beleave he'z shown and proved that he haz what it takez to hang asmongst the flyest. I tilt my pork pie to you O. Keep stuntin!!!!

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