Thursday, January 6, 2011


Father in heaven I come to you as humble az I know how. I do not pray thiz prayer in vain glory. I do not ask for material wishez, knowledge, wisdom or understanding. Further more I pray thiz prayer not for myself. Theze wordz go up for the soulz of my haterz. A group of individualz across the globe who wish only to surpress my progress. Father you have stated in your word that we must love thy enemy.Love thoze who spitefully misuze uz!!!! Over my yearz of living I found it hard to cary out such a task!!! being one with the flesh of thiz world my heart iz consumed by emotionz. Stuck trying to walk through thiz rough journey, only to be met by people who want to see my destruction upon my path. All of their slick talk and jealouse conversation sent to destroy my mind and stop my progress. Yet you say i have to turn the other cheek. On thiz earth I feel like i'm in a snake pit surrounded by serpantz that plan to bite at my flesh. But az you were there with Daniel in the lionz den I know you're there for me. The same way you were in the firey furniss with the hebrew boyz you shall stand with me through the oddz. But it'z hard to love thoze who don't recipricate the action. To hold your hand out in greeting only to have it spat on by thoze you wish to help. I thank you lord that you hold the power over my life and not man. Because if it waz up to man I would have been dead along time ago. I ask of your lord to grant happiness in the livez of my haterz. Whatever they're searching for be it fortune or fame please grant it to them. Grant them the knowledge to know with great power comez respodsability. Soften their heartz and remove the evil from their soulz!!!!! Touch everything that they do and say. Lord Jesus give them a new heart and a new mind. My haterz, my enemiez, I pray for you in the name of jesus. A MEN

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