Thursday, January 13, 2011


It killz me that america haz thiz fondness for theze ragz to richez storiez. But when the past storiez of the individual are dark, dim and tragic thiz country iz ready to throw stonez. A few weekz ago the media reported about Ted Williams a homeless man from Ohio who waz discoverd on the streetz by a reporter. He waz dubbed the man with the golden voice. Yez a gent who whoze voice haz the right pitch and tone that can rival the legendary prize fight announcer Micheal Buffer. From there he became an instant success. Offerd contractz for commericialz and also talkz for being the announcer for football and basketball arenaz. However, Ted'z skeleton'z were soon unlocked from hiz past. Reportz then surfaced about hiz alchohal abuse and him abandoning hiz family for many yearz. In one interveiw hiz family spoke that even though they weren't happy with how he haz treated them over the yearz, they were cheering for him. However, that came to a head when the LA police responded to a report of a disturbance at a hotel. Turned out it waz ted and hiz daughter having a heated discusion. The main issuez behind it??? Why he wazn't there for them, hiz alchhal abuse and ect. The media deciding to act az judge, jury and executionar probe Ted to see if he shook hiz dark past. Everybody from Good Morning Americaa to Access Hollywood haz asked him if he'z seeking help for hiz situation. Further more they're even asking him iz all of thiz new found success too much too soon??? MAN WHO ARE THEY TO EVEN ASK????!!!!! We hear about soooo many homeless individualz who have fallen from grace. Playwritez, actorz, actressez, scientistz, basketball playerz, ect. Many who have fallen victum to terrible descisionz and bad life choicez. But how many timez doez one get a chance to pull themselvez from the bottom boot of society?? Ted haz a chance to make it right!!!!! He getz on television and claimz Jesus az hiz lord and savior. But, the media getz quiet when he talkz about that!!!!!!!! first off it'z not like the man waz well off when he waz discoverd!!!!! He waz homeless!!!!!! They act like he had hiz whole life together forever. FYI homeless or not everybody haz a past!!!!! There are two sidez to every story!!!!! Everybody haz a dark past!!!!!!! Even the people who are reporting the newz on thiz gent have skeletonz in their closetz!!!! THEY'RE JUST PAYING PEOPLE OFF TO KEEP THEM SECRET!!!!!! FURTHER MORE HALF OF THE WOMEN IN HOLLYWOOD ARE PROBABLY SLEEPING WITH EVERYBODY TO EVEN KEEP THEIR SECRETZ SECRET!!!!! Rather than trying to hold thiz man accountable for hiz PAST WRONGZ, we should be ecouraging hiz progress!!!!!!! But America iz only intrested in destroying and rebuilding!!!! AND IN SOME CASEZ THEY WOULD RATHER JUST DESTROY!!!!!

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