Sunday, January 2, 2011


So I pulled out my Gray and red trooper Impulse kickz one day last week and I straight destroyed the scene!!!!! Man az you guyz know i'm a dress shoe fanatic but I love to throw on a suit and sneakerz!!!!! It straight messez up up the mindz of people!!!! I remember a month ago I wore my dark brown and orange impulse kickz with my denim dashiki suit to work. one of my Co-workerz got kinda of billigerent when I pulled out my kickz for the first time. I made One statement that shut that convo down asap! I'm the best dressed man in the city of New Haven and I can do what I want to do!!!!!! Man my other co-workerz went nutz when I made that statement!!!! Don't get me wrong ladiez and gentz I try to live my life az a humble individual. But there are timez when people have to understand what thiz FuZz iz all about!!!! It'z about the freedom of expression to do what one feelz!!!! Like Jesus christ no man taketh my life I give it up freely!!!! In my case no man decidez who or what I am suppozed to be!!!! I FuZz it down Freely!!!!!! If they only knew the signigence behind the Impulse Sneaker culture they wouldn't ask such a question!!!!! But one day they'll understand!!!! Ya'll suckaz are just mere mortalz!!!! My style iz Imortal!!!! The FuZz livez forever!!!!!!! Peace to harbor Footwear!!!! Shout out to Barry!!!!

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