Sunday, January 2, 2011


Picking up from where I left off from the post on 50 cent'z vma suit game and how men should wear suitz that should compliment their body type. For the sake of argument let'z be real, a 300-500 pound man haz no business in a bespoke suit!!!!! Can you imagine if notorious B.I.G waz still living, do you think he would be dressed in a Bespoke suit??? I def think not!!!!! Enter my version of the modern day biggie(when it comez to getting dressed up), music producer Jazzy pha whoze known to step out slick on the streetz of Atlanta. I'm kinda upset that photoz don't allow you to see outfitz in their entirety. However, judging by the powerful and bold statementz made from chest up, the bottom finish to the fitz must have been outstanding. The first photo with the pinstriped suit haz to be my favorite. Basicly becauze of the heavy use of accessoriez, it brought thiz suit to a whole other level. The colliding of contrasting accessoriez raised eye browz. Starting with the floral print ascot and Purple polka dot pocket square brought out the dandy gentleman vibe. Soom it waz accompanied by glitzy blinged out watch and vintage 80'z glassez that kept the outfit hip-hop grounded. Topped off with a sharp hat for all playa'z in the buildin!!!! The second look I would deem az a silent killer with the plack paisley jacket, black hat, shadez and red pocket square. handz down Jazze pha iz the sharpest big dude right now. He wearz suitz better than most gentlemen half hiz size. But most of all what comez across in hiz ara iz he knowz he'z fly. He'z confident in that fact.

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