Friday, January 28, 2011


Once again i'm back with another blog post featuring snoop. However, thiz post featurez snoop in hiz old dayz at Death Row records with fellow label mate at the time Tupac!!!! Man I remember thiz photo from, I think the 1995 MTV awards. Man thiz iz so freakin monumental becauze it showz two young black men suited and booted at the height of controversy!!!! At that point and time Death Row waz the most dangerouz record label in the country. The east coast west coast beef swept the world by storm!!! Nothing for Snoop and Pac to do but roll to the awardz dressed to kill!!!! When it came to the Dress code the east coast got a lot of respect, especially from Biggie and puffy. However, I must admitt the west coast representitivez weren't slouchez neither. Snoop had cultivated hiz image az being a don and a mack. Showing up in full mack statis, with pinstriped suit, curlz, and a godfather hat!!! Tupac on the other hand went for the straight rebel look. Suited with hiz signature gold chain with huge mallion, gold rolex, with huge gold wringz!!!!! They aimed to make a statement through their lookz. That they were connected and well respected. I waz never really a fan of pac'z style az much growing up. But when he got dressed up he def made a statement. Whether it waz gold chainz and suit or the backwardz tied bandanna with a suit, hiz aim waz to get THUG LIFE across to the massez!!!! And I can respect that!!!

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