Thursday, April 15, 2010


So two dayz ago I went to go get my glassez tightened or whatever they call it, so i'm walking around checking out all the the different pairz. And near the door I saw a very well lit display of glassez that just boggled my mind!!! I just couldn't beleave the powerful innovative dezignz and craftmenship on a pair of perscription lensez. I mean to be honest even with the well known luxury glassez like d&G, dior, and ect; style iz sacrificed over seeing clearly. Which I can respect. I deffinetly want to see clearly, but I also want a stylish pair of framez. And if over the top style perscription eyewear iz what u need, Ziggy iz the brand for u. Trust me, i'm going to hang up my perscription versace'z for a pair of theze bad boyz soon.

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