Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hey, guyz been crazy busy, working hard!!! haven't been able to really blog the way i want to. Dang itz been hard, all thiz running around haz been messin up my inspiration. but trust the king haz got it back!!!! Thank God, becauze I love blogging. But I guess thiz iz what happenz to me around thiz time of year. Work getz hectic, thingz come at me from every side. But some how through the grace of God I make it through. today iz one of the most calmest dayz i've had in a while. man I find myself getting into anti social mode recently. I know itz not cool, but I find that the conversation of most people turn negative real quickly. so I just tend to try to stay to myself and my family. The true people I can depend on who won't lead me wrong. Any way, I've been tring to figure out thiz whole Ambush Jewelry (Japanese rapper verbal'z line of embelished jewelry) crayze going on. Everybody from Kanye, Don c, Omarion, diggy Simmons, and Big Sean have been seen wearing their imfamous pow chainz and ringz. I mean they look cool but investing in them just seemz like just some just trendy wanna be junk. Now I'm feelin the gold two finger ring with the pyramidz and eye ballz(joint iz some real hustla junk!!!!). Man my dream last night waz too wild!!!! dreamed I waz chillin with eveybody that i waz cool with from my past(that I don't talk to anymore). Man what a dream, i'm just glad i woke up. Turned out crazy!!! I'm just glad thoze dreamz don't turn into fruition. Any way, i'm guyz, got a lot of running around to do. stay FuZz, keep ya headz up!!!

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