Saturday, April 10, 2010


Coming up az a kid I waz a huge comic book fan. X-men, spider man, Ghost rider, bat man, super man, green lantern, justice league, spawn, you name it I red it. Comic bookz had been through a huge evolution over the yearz to keep the audience guessing. who can forget when Cyclopz and jean grey from the X-men got married, or when bat man sufferd that crushing loss to Bain, or at the time the worst saga when super man died and there were five super men trying to take hiz place? But it seemz that when Marvel and DC comicz joined forcez to create the epic battle of the century, the comic book world stood still. Never thought in a million yearz two rival companiez would sit down and actually have artistz even sketch thiz out. But then again, it iz all about revenue.

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