Monday, April 26, 2010


Get Lifted by john Legend waz hiz debut album that introduced the world to hiz soulful tunez. And waz also the another album that stood az the sound track to my life around 2004-05. I remember back in 2004 going to a Kanye west concert at Toad's place( back when college dropout debuted, u'll never see kanye play toads ever again!!!! he'z to big of a name now lol!) and the whole G.o.o.d Music crew waz out. Don C (kanye'z well dressed road manager) waz dj'ing for him. He had hiz other artish GlC with him. But what really had me waz they had thiz light skinned Gentleman at a key board singing the old Gospel song "I'll fly away"(it waz part of a small skit on Kanye'z college dropout). Well I waz impressed with hiz plaing and vocal skillz.
Befor the night waz over I had bought a few mix tapez, one being John legend live at the knitting factory. Which made me a true beleaver in John Legend'z vocal stylingz. For he offerd a sound that waz missing from the R&B world at the time. I mean ur talking about around the time Rapperz started taking it upon themselvez to sing their own hookz. By the time John Legend'z album dropped, it kind of brought the R&B game back to where it waz. But what waz missing? If u asked what had R&B at a stand still for a hot min, u'll get many answerz. but many feel the soul waz missing. Where at one point people were into the Neo Soul movement that waz spawned, many weren't trying to touch the subjectz of true feeling becauze it just didn't sell anymore.
Most of the true soulful artistz could only draw off their own fan basez instead of having a universal appeal that shootz them to the top of the chartz. So john legend had a different approach. And playing the piano and being able to sing made him a force to be reckoned with. I mean on hiz album, the intro just captivated the soul "come on and go with me, therez something new for u to see, i'll take u high," "once u take one hit of thiz, it will feel so good, u'll never want to quit". Letting u know that thiz album iz suppozed to be something u'll never forget. that album spawned a lot of hitz such az "I used to love", the critically aclaimed "ordinary People" , and cloud nine.
But there were other songz that provoked emotion such az "She don't have to know". A tale of two loverz who caught up in world wind of Emotionz while trying to keep their relationship a secret from their signifigant others. IN OTHER WORDZ TWO PEOPLE WHO WERE DOWN RIGHT OUT CHEATING!!!! "When I meet u, I got my shadez on to cover up my eyez, hoping that no body see'z me passing by through my disguise". Man by the time the man said "let's sneak out of town for just a day or three, we'll go to DC and hold handz publicly all through the street, for they don't know u, and the don't know me" I waz done for. I mean me being a gentleman who waz actually caught up in the cheating lifestyle I could relate.( 04, every other night a different female. Avoiding phone callz while out with the main female. Switchin up dinner locationz so waitressez don't tip off the femalez, trust me junk waz stressful).
Then after that there waz the cheaterz cry for repentance "I could change" featuring snoop dog, letting the female understand that i'll give up everything, just to keep u in my world. I could be here all night talking about hiz first album. It waz an R&B album that stayed at the top of the chartz for a while. It even won a few Grammy'z. It takez a lot of artistz yearz befor they start winning Awardz period. But to come out the gate az a winner off ur first try iz remarkable. Winning formula, touching emotionz. something thatz hard for artistz now a dayz to do.

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