Saturday, April 10, 2010


Last night My pookie gurl Veronica and I went out to dinner and destroyed the scene. last night waz dedicated to just destroying the scene lettiong theze suckaz understand what itz about!!!! Lol! nah but we just had a great time out last night at olive garden. Az we waited sat back and went down memory lane. People walked by in amazment! What elze iz knew. Some Bi polar cat with a sidekick 2(didn't know people still uze thoze!!! lol!) had a hissy fit cauze hiz phone wouldn't work. He stamped hiz feet then turned around with a smile and said "I LIKE THAT HAT PLAYBOY"! Man itz alwayz wild when being in the same placez az other people. Cauze some people just don't know how to act. Waz really diggin pookie'z nine west purse!!!! Joint accented my mirandi'z rather lovely!!!! lol! Then to add moe insult to injury pookie killed em with her high heel multi plaid bakerz jointz!!!!! whole lot of FuZzN gwent down last night. Topped off with a chill evening.

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