Thursday, April 8, 2010

past the mustard!!!!

I swear I need to create a Shoe blog becauze it seemz like that'z my current interest at thiz point when I hit the storez or surf the net. And theze retail storez reflect it. Theze storez are straight up carrying wack junk in termz of clothing!!! From Macyz to even my personal favorite Express haz wrackz and shelvez dedicated to simple junk. Nothing that inspirez the mind. But what haz been taking my hard earned dollarz az of late iz great footwear. Like theze Carlo marandi Yellow oxfordz. I orderd theze on a recent trip to one of my favorite storez Underground station. They didn't carry the yellow in the store, and arrived at my door today. love theze so much until I need the Purple and green in theze. I'll destroy theze all year long, yez even in the winter too, I have no shame!!!!

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