Monday, April 19, 2010

the most riveting play in the world!!!!!!!! NO CHILD WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY NILAJA SUN!!!!!

Saturday my dad and I decided to go to the New Haven theater to take in the critically aclaimed play No Child. The play waz a one woman non stop action packed thought provoking performance, meant to spread humor but most of all inform the massez, through the stereotypez of inner city public schoolz. A drama teacher who took on the task of teaching acting at one of the worst inn city high schoolz in the district(most of all the worst class in the school). For many of the play attendantz (majority white suberbial typez and blackz who look down their nozez at the hood) thiz reality iz only something they'll only seen dramatized on stage or on screen. But for my dad and I it waz a reinactment of what our job waz for 9 yearz. We've worked with disadvantage kidz and most of all we live amongst them. So we know they're struggle. We know what they go through. They just attend the play, they never lived it!!! anyway, it waz seriouzly thought provoking. Specially being an educator in the inner city. It touched a 1 million subjectz, from neigborhood survival, standardized testing, and ect. It waz the first time I've heard anybody really talk about the no child left behind act and standardized testing in a negative way. Most people feel that test scorez are what makez a child. but really they just treat them az numberz and statisticz, when half the time we're lying to them telling them they're suppozed to be individualz!!!! what a contridiction.!!!! anyway, handz down the best play I ever saw!

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