Tuesday, April 27, 2010

$50 for ya thoughtz!!!

Hey world, Milt-Fresh himself back on the check in. Well itz tuesday people, looking foward to my friday. tryna hit that Freddy movie, Nightmare on elm Street. Lookz like itz going to be a blood bath of a film. freddy moviez are uzually sick with it like that. Man the Elm Diner in west haven iz my favorite place to eat at right now. The best food around right now with a calming atmosphere, the owner iz a true gentleman. Dang itz wild how in house beef haz torn apart some of the most powerful unitz in rap. U got the Rocafella split up with jay and dame. Then the diplomatz split. I mean with all theze groupz and crewz how do u let petty differencez and money come in between u guyz. but what do u really expect when brotherz and sisterz, fatherz and motherz can't really get along? I guess people really loze sight of whatz important. Dang what happened to just standing firm on beleifz? But i guess thingz have to work out over time. I mean one day everybodiez at hot 97 spittin hard on every person that had beef, then 5 yearz later we're making diss recordz against the former boss. beanie segal didn't surprize me though. When beanz took shotz at Kanye, I knew it waz a matter of time befor he came at Jay. Anyway, got a few new peicez comin in soon, a jacket and two dress shirtz. Got to get my handz on a tan phat farm linen vest. Yo not for nothin, iz it me or are the older generation getting more stupid az the day goez. Stupidity iz still running ramped all over the country. Anyway i'm in two weddingz thiz summer, that meanz thiz FuZz iz in high demand SUCKAZ!!! Yo Whatz up with AT&T with that wild Motorola back flip commercial. Beauty fadez but fly iz forever. Whatz better than being fly? Flyrrrrrrr!!!! I think the clothez are ill and all but I hate the marketing tacticz uzed to draw the young hip black and trendy demographic. Pleaze don't insult my intelegence with a change of outfitz and witty catch frazez. Sad part iz that phone iz the best thing on at&t next to the I-phone ( i'm on the company). But i can't front though, the stylez were rather fresh. LOL! Anyway, thatz enough rampling for one night. I'm out guyz. stay safe, God Bless and remember to keep it FuZzY!

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