Saturday, April 24, 2010


HEY WHATZ FuZzN WORLD? Been a long time since i've actually spoken to u guyz!!!! lotz of random thoughtz goin through my head!!! Ending my week long vacation from work! dang time goez so fast! Been hittin the moviez every other night thiz week. Date night might be the funniest movie of the year. Haterz been on my trail fr a while, but trust, I keep my head above the cloudz!!! I just don't see em!!!! Dang ya'll I miss my pookie gurl veronica, that gurl iz my heart!!! Can't beleave we lost Guru, a true hip-hop legend. I find myself now a dayz really not saying much of anything to people. I learned from my dad that when ur a man that haz very little to say it keepz otherz guessing. Further more it makez them neverouz! Just remember, every eye thatz clozed ain't sleep. Been bumpin Ryan Leslie'z first album like crazy. That album iz an r&b classic. Hiz second one??? well, i'll just say he should have taken hiz time with it. Dude'z still talented. been on my Fedora HAT kick kind a strong recently, THE NAME IZ FEDORA FRESH NOW!!! LOL! I think i'm gonna make my triumphant return back to rappin! At my height in 09 when I waz killin open mic nightz and spittin on people'z trackz I lost motivation to rap! But when u love something so much itz hard to leave it. so i'm slowly but surely gettin back on the horse. don't be surprized if u see me back to spittin at open mic nightz again. Therez nothin like spittin in front of a crowed of douterz. Life can be funny at timez. Soon az u feel like ur gaining ground, u get the rug pulled out from under u. But i've learned to just stay at my own pace and do whatz best for me. I'm not in control of my future, God iz and he hazn't failed me yet. My bad for the ramblin ya'll. Had a lot of thoughtz on my brain. Gettin ready to sign out guyz, keep ya headz up and god bless.

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