Thursday, April 22, 2010


Being a young black man in america, I look at the rest of the black community like they're mentally insane when the issue of dating arisez. To me my over all philosophy iz u either love the person or u don't. No huge secret, no big big deals!! but what really boils my blood iz how the genuine feeling of love haz been taken out of the equation. It haz been replaced with straight a non sense thought pattern by both black men and women. I mean our relationship stupidity iz acted out in dozenz of T.V. showz, moviez, and even better yet on night line. I feel everybodiez prioritiez are in the wrong placez. Black women are under the notion that befor anything goez down a man must put a ring on their finger!!! but befor we even get to that point, the brotha haz to fit a check list of qualitiez that are az long az Dixwell Avenue(new haven residence know what i'm talking about). The man must have a job, he must have good credit, he must want kidz, he must be good in bed, can't live at home with hiz mama. The list goez on and on!!! Black Men are without their faultz az well. Many are stuck in the glory of yester year, still trying to hold on to their player wayz. Never wanting to grow up completly. People who take pride in having baby motherz instead of having one person who lovez u through thick and thin. The problem with both Black men and Black women iz that concept of relationship iz about self. I'm not getting any younger, I like my freedom, a whole bunch of I'z. It'z never about we or us. There iz never a comprimize. Relationshipz should be about meeting each other half way. But instead of having long term relationshipz, we're interested in having power strugglez that seperate the genderz instead of uniting us az one. People don't genuinly care about one another anymore. Most people are looking for financial security instead of love. Black Women don't want a broke man, and most men are guarding their walletz from that threat. It doezn't take a group discussion to see where we are going wrong!!!! what it takez iz laying aside all of the garbage that iz uzed to hold up progress. We can't blame thiz issue on down low brotha'z or interacial dating, blame it on stupidity!!!! Thiz iz where we need the older generation to help sit down and really guide thiz younger generation into the right direction. But the sad part iz, the majority of older generation are facing the same issuez az well. So it becomez a situation of the blind leading the blind. It scarez me that generationz of one race have failed in something that iz so simple. I'm just glad I found a person who sharez the same viewz az I do in a relationship. becauze befor I got into my current relationship, dating waz like walking on a bed of nailz. I thought all black women were crazy. But I changed my view point. I stopped looking at it az a black thing, and started looking the individual. It wazn't about a gender stereotype anymore. It wazn't about all about how big her but haz to be, or am I going to hit it! I realized it waz about finding a person that I could trust with my life. A person that haz my best interest at heart. And in return I promise to do the same. Thank God for finding true love. Nature iz cruel but we don't have to be.

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