Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Itz summer time so u know what that meanz!! All the gentz are pulling out they're boat shoez. If ur like me, I never stopped. Trust me I know a lot of u guyz aren't rule breakerz like me!! LOL! And thatz o.k. Anyway, like researgence of of the boat shoe, we've noticed it haz taken on a different form. many dezignz have shown a hint of sneaker touchez. However, we noticed thiz seazon some are taking on some what of a boot form, that have a high ankle support. Brandz such az Ralph Lauren Polo have bring the trend to the forefront, however itz the Levi'z company that raized the bar with itz Mens Upton Casual shoe. i love the marriage between the tan linen and the wine colored leather. On a regular dude I could see theze with Dockerz a and tan polo shirt. Me on the other hand... Keep that to myself!!! lol!

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