Saturday, April 3, 2010


For me, every so often I find albums that come out that are able to move every part of my emotions. When I was growing up artistz (be it R&B or hip-hop) didn't have a hard time coming up with great conceptz for songz. And it collectively showed through the whole entire album. Which allowed you to listen to it from the intro to the outro. Now a days with certain albums I find myself liking just one song on the album. 2006 marked a respark in the world of R&B, when super producer, singer-song writer Ne-yo hit the track running, with his debut album "in my own words". What drew me to his music was his first single with Stay with Former Rocafella rider "peddi Crack"(Dang man I miss the old roc, u could tell that waz a Jay move when he waz pres of def jam). Joint waz a ill R&B Party record. But it wazn't a beleaver in ne-yo until So sick came out!!!! MAN THAT JOINT TOUCHED ME!!!!!! LOL!!!! Around that time I waz going through the wild break up, and I became sick of every single love song i heard. But az cheezy az it soundz, I still couldn't turn off the radio!! LOL!! But soon in my mind Ne-yo became an instant hit maker with a great formula for making recordz. So when it came out I bought the album. And I fell in love with it from begining to end. that album became my sound track to my life in 2006. LOL! Other than the singlez that came out ("when your mad" and "things you do") the whole album waz a complete masterpeice. I mean therez the sexy seductive baby maker known az "In front of the mirror". Then therez "can't get down like that"(plus the remix with Ghostface) that depictz the feelingz of a Gentleman tempted by femalez to pursue infidelity, but calmy telling home girl I JUST CAN'T GET DOWN LIKE THAT!!!!! Lol!!! To thiz day I still bump it becauze it spoke to me. It just killz me that ever since that I haven't been that fond of Ne-yo'z other two albumz. I may like one or two songz on them but nothing that provokez my thought process. To me it seemz like he iz starting to put more focus into hiz live performancez and hiz image than great song writing. but itz cool, the fact he'z taken hiz dresscode up a notch, kinda makez me look the other way!! LOL!

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