Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I know I might catch a lot of flack from my readerz, but thiz iz a risk i'm willing to take. In the last couple of monthz I've been noticing how the public haz been maliciouzly snubbing our iconz and heroz who committ indescretionz in the public eye. Itz like the world turnz itz back on them in the middle of their crisis. Yez they've done wrong but itz not our job to punish them. Half the people who are trying to repremend them are either celebrating their brow beating by going to some swanky bar, getting drunk off of moet and climbing into bed with somebodiez wife or huzband!!!!! Talk about indecent!!!!! The same manager of a retail chain whoze black balling the cd release iz problobly going home to beat hiz wife after a hard dayz work!!!! But becauze they are our heroz we feel they should know better. Then when ur laying dead in the staple center, everybody wantz to talk about your great contributionz while u fought and battled for yearz!!! What a mixed up world we live in with mixed up people making major movez on it'z behalf!!!! Companiez pulling out soon az they hear theirz an issue. So worried about public image until they loze sight of whatz really important!!!! caring about what the public thinkz. So if the public decided to go to hell today they'd drop everybody thatz preventing the progress!!!! Oh I forgot the public iz on it'z way to hell!!!!! Itz getting so u can't even stand up for what u beleave in any more!!!!! Just ask the dixy chickz!!!! real people with ballz are forced to cloze their mouthz on strong issuez just to save their endorsementz!! I do feel therez a time and place for everything. but there are timez real voicez need to be heard. Maybe not on stage at an awardz event but maybe later. I don't know, nobody in the media iz offering help to any of theze starz!!!! They're just offered a slap in the face. All theze degreez in journalizm, I know there haz to be a psychology background somewhere. nobody on Nbc or Abc or cnn wantz to do behind the scenez consuling. People don't understand that infidelity iz really startz out az a seriouz mental problem that haz people feeling incomplete and not satisfied with the one they're with. Until it snow ballz into something bigger and a life time of regret. But all theze newz stationz are just trying to get the latest scoop. The media haz the chance to be a MEDIATOR (check out the root word)between the starz and the public. But becauze they're selfish they would rather watch it all go up in smoke. So I ask, wherez the love?

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