Wednesday, December 9, 2009


What'z FuZzN people, Milt-Fresh iz back ready to hit you with what ya'll love from the Milt-Fresh Experience... Nothing But that FRESH, FLY, AND FuZzY ISH!!!!!!! Yesh I'm back at it with my beloved For the Loce of the FuZz Segment. For many of my new readerz who are unaware, thiz iz where I highlight an individual for their particular sense of style, be it man, woman, or child. Atheletez, fashion editorz, stylistz, store ownerz, hollywood starz, rapperz, R&B or pop star, everyday individualz. My regular readerz already know the deal!!! Anyway, today we'll be dealing with an indidual whoze one of my unsung and underated style favoritez, hip-hop and R&B producer Jazzy Pha. Now u guyz have to understand I never like to do individualz who are the obviouz fan favoritez. Everybody haz given Diddy, Jay, Kanye, and Pharrell their do. But there are other indidualz that put in work with their dress code. I've had a love hate relationship for Jazzy'z style. Deffinetly not like how I look at flava flav(men wearz ill junk but messez it up by actin so stupid!!!). Well, let me explane. See I've alwayz felt the Atlana based producer would do a great job from the waist up, exquisitly clean and elegant. But at the bottom he doez some wild baggy jeanz or baggy dress pantz that weren't hemmed propper and gatherd at the bottom with some lack luster kickz. But after a looking at picz of him from different award showz, partiez and functionz, i've come realize that'z part of hiz over all look. In recent picz he'z had great lookz from the top portion but itz rather down played at the buttom. He might hit u with a lime blazer and a yellow sweater vest, paired with a wonderful striped pattern dress shirt with a lilac paisley tie. Topped off with a great wide brim hat or a driving cap. A lot to digest at one time? Yesz it iz!!!! And thatz the way I love it!!!! Something thatz over the top and over done!! Bringing together itemz that normally wouldn't would work well seperatly. Which to be honest pulling thiz off takez even more skill than one would actually beleave. Becauze it haz to be calculated just right. Which bringz out the criticz who feel one iz trying to hard. WELL I BELEAVE ITZ BETTER COME HARD THAN TO HAVE NOT COME AT ALL!!!!! Style iz in onez own interpitation. It all addz up to if one feelz comfortable. And Jazzy Pha deffinetly comez across like he'z comfortable in how he dress'z. Unlike thoze who try to follow the "fashion" rulez and don't feel comfortable doing so. To me he'z been able to convey an air of hood sophistication without lozing the hip-hop edge. Which many of the namez i've mentioned above have at one point been picked apart for lozing ghetto pointz by swimming in a sea of Ralph Lauren purple label tiez, louis vuitton bagz and Savile Row suitz. However, when Jazzy Pha putz on a icecream colored sport coat, jeanz, dress shirt, tie and dress hat, he'z still respected in the streetz of Atlanta. He'z even lent hiz style style capabilitiez in a joint venture Upscale retail Shop called Knitch in Atanta. Many snobbed the shop saying it only carried obvious Brand namez like Y3, Chip and pepper, D&G, and many otherz. But letz be real, az exclusive az people want to be, everybody iz still label crazy, wanting go for WELL KNOWN DEZIGNERZ!!! Hip-hop iz good for that. Who from the Hood waz up on YSL befor diamondz are forever. Who from the projectz knew about Mason Martin Margelia befor Jay talked about it in run thiz town. I'm side tracking!! Hiz shop clozed after falling under the begining of economic crisis. No matter what Jazzy Pha haz a seriouz style presence that deservez to be respected more. I know at timez I give credit to Florida Rapper Rick Ross for being the flyest big guy sine Notorious B.I.G, but Jazzy Pha izn't one to be taken lightly.

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