Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pharrell helping gentz go louboutin crazy!!!!!

Recently the style world haz been going crazy of the new men'z release from luxury Shoe brand christian louboutin. The brand which haz been notorious for making classic and exotic women'z stilleto heelz(with the red bottomz!!!!!) haz now ventured into making flashy and exotic men'z dress shoez and sneakerz. Which markz a milestone in men'z fashion and style. I first saw the shoez on japanese rap/style star Verbal'z website four months ago. They were the classic slip on slipperz that were studed. studz seem to be the focus to kick of their line. But up to date the person whoze been seeen sporting theze around town iz Mr. Star track himself, Pharrell Williams. he'z been seen with the studed sneakerz and the dress shoez also known az the freddy flatz. I am kind of peaved to see skateboard p wearing the dress shoez with just jeanz, t-shirt and shoz. however, when the shoez retail for $1200, they do speak for themselvez. i expected maybe a button down or maybe a light sweater. Not really surprized that P iz rocking theze. Anybody with a custume made alligator Hermes hoody and a purple Hermes croc bag would have $1200 shoez and kickz.

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