Monday, December 7, 2009


In theze installmentz of Impulse Desizionz, i'm striving to put the world up on everything the Impulse shoe brand iz doing befor they release their spring line to the world!!!! YA'LL JUST REMEMBER MILT-FRESH THE IMPULSE KID PUT YA'LL UP ON IT FIRST!!!!!! Today we're going to deviate from the covited Impulse Sport Culture kickz, and dig into they're sleek Boat Shoez for a min. Az you all boat shoez have been done by everybody. Some good and some I wouldn't touch with a ten foot poll. And everybody knowz Spring and Summer 09 Milt-Fresh waz the Boat Shoe Champion. GBX'z jointz were my specialy(I kept it in the family LOL!). However, the Impulse Boat shoe offer u a Smooth take on a classic. However, thiz izn't their first dealing with boat shoez. During the release of their fall collection, they dropped a style of boat shoe that waz kind of a hybrid boat shoe/sneaker. But, with theze think of the Sperry Top-siderz, but with that Impulse feel. They come in red, white, blue and black. In my opinion i'm a huge fan of the bright reddish pair!!! Yes u guyz know how I feel, the brighter the beter. The white are great too, however since they have that true boat shoe fabric, the white would deffinetly be hard to keep clean. Back to the red though, they're are many optionz with theze. I see a very classic preppy look with a white sweater, dress shirt, bow-tie and a red kangol, and black pantz. I'm deffinetly going to get my handz on the red. But I must warn everybody, GET YOUR HANDZ ON IMPULSEZ WHILE U CAN!!!! THEY SELL OUT QUICK!!!!! But I have to say what I love most about them iz they are high fashion boat shoez, but they still have the Impulsr Sole. Thiz iz a very classy casual shoe that if paired right haz the make a seriouz statement. But i'm tellin all theze other foot wear companiez to bring it in the spring.Impulse izn't playin with em!!!!!

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